Public lecture about the rise of algorithmic management at work

The Digital Society Initiative offers various public events that give you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with researchers and experts in the field of digitalisation. The events are not about technological innovations, but much more about ethical, legal and social aspects that need to be discussed: It's about people and their role in the digitized world.

On March 11, 2021, Prof. Jeremias Adams-Prassl from the University of Oxford will give a public lecture via Zoom on «Black box boss: The rise of algorithmic management at work». 

What is it about?

Automated systems are increasingly running workplaces – from everyday management to hiring and firing workers. AI hasn’t come for workers’ jobs: it is managers who see their traditional tasks replaced or supplemented by sophisticated analyses of personal data. The pervasive reliance on ‘people analytics’, monitoring technology and algorithms to measure, control, and sanction workers is highly controversial: whilst fast and efficient, the technology is easily prone to bias and threatens to disperse responsibility into the cloud. In this lecture, Professor Adams-Prassl will explore the effects of algorithmic management and its challenges for accountability and legal regulation.