Portrait #3: Sven Seuken – Key challenges in market design

Around 100 professors teach and do research at our Faculty. But who are they, what motivates them and what are the questions they want to find answers to? In a new series, we introduce various professors and their research. In the third portrait, it's Sven Seuken's turn.

Sven Seuken describes one of the best things about his job as being able to «work with so many smart people. And then I get to do what I love like thinking about difficult problems and working on them with different team members and that’s why I can’t imagine a better job than being a professor.»

His research looks at the key challenges in market design and how machine learning algorithms can be used to improve market mechanisms: «When I look at the world, I see market design problems almost everywhere and it is really affecting all of our lifes in many different ways.» 

See his full portrait in the video: