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Portrait #1: Lauren Howe – or the power to change the world

Around 100 professors teach and do research at our Faculty. But who are they, what motivates them and what are the questions they want to find answers to? In a new series, we introduce various professors and their research. In the first portrait, it's Lauren Howe's turn.

When Lauren Howe was a student, she fell in love with the field of social psychology. «I had a really fantastic professor who inspired me by showing how social psychology can help inform really important social problems, and that by studying people, you can learn how to make the world a better place.» This made her realize the powerful contribution science can make to society.

In her research, Lauren Howe is dedicated to the future of work and hopes: «We have the opportunity to shape the world of work in a direction that's brighter for people.» One thing that has always fascinated her is human connection. «As the world of work continues to change through technology, human attributes like empathy and emotional intelligence continue to be important.»

See her full portrait in the video.

Weiterführende Informationen

Lauren Howe is Assistant Professor in Management at the Department of Business Administration.