UZH Competence Centre on Blockchain founded

On the 1st of March, 2019, the Board of the University of Zurich has formally established a Competence Centre on Blockchain and follows a grass-root initiative by several Professors who held research activities in the area back in 2017.

Now, among its members, it hosts 20 Professors from two Faculties and seven departments. It is now the largest initiative of this kind in Switzerland but - more importantly - it is the most interdisciplinary one. No other academic institution has the reach to cover areas as variegated as Regulation, Criminal Law, Informatics, Economics, Finance and Business Administration.

The main mandates are: coordination and fostering of research activities and fund-raising; developing a systematic education offering that ranges from undergraduate students to professionals; serving as a single point of contact between UZH and other societal stakeholders, like the thriving Swiss industrial ecosystem in the area, the government and peer institutions.

The Steering Committee is composed by: Christian Ewerhart, Thorsten Hens, Gerhard Schwabe, Claudio J. Tessone and Rolf H. Weber.