Successful Workshop in «Managing and Leading in the Digital Economy»

The two-day workshop «Managing and Leading in the Digital Economy» took place in mid-October via Zoom. It was aimed primarily for young researchers at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics.

With the workshop the participants should...

  • get an overview of relevant skills and current demands on leadership during the digital transformation
  • train one of these skills in-depth during hands-on short courses
  • get offered networking opportunities with members of industry in order to gain an in-depth understanding of practical challenges «on the job» in order to understand what specifically to train for potential non-academic empolyment.

Around 10 different speakers from the industry spoke with 24 young researchers about skills development, leadership, team development and organizational change. Despite to the digital format, the workshop was very interactive: At the beginning, the young researchers had to build a model of their research topic using 49 Lego bricks. There were also 1:1 meetings with representatives from the industry. This made it possible to discuss business challenges and entry opportunities for young academics in their respective fields.