Highlights of 2020 and a big thank you

2020 was a challenging year for all of us – physically and emotionally, strategically and operationally. And yet we have persevered, reinvented ourselves, and remained focused. This year, we have kept doing what we have always done, and we have done what we have never done before, all at the same time. We have transformed ourselves.

The fact that we have mastered the challenges so well is thanks to the dedication and commitment of each and every member of our Faculty. Our sincere thanks to all of you!

Review and highlight video
To see more of each one's experiences, highlights and memories of 2020, we asked all members of the Faculty to send us their impressions or the year.

The result is a colourful review of the year in video format that gives an overview of the various impressions and experiences. Here you can watch the video in full length (intranet, login required): Highlights of 2020

Thanks for all the contribution and your commitment during this year.

Enjoy watching and Happy Holidays!