Attention: Phishing e-mail in circulation with subject «Are you on campus?»

We have been notified of a phishing e-mail targeting UZH users that claims to come from our Dean, Prof. Harald Gall. This is a spoofed e-mail that is likely to be the initial e-mail in a multi-prong phishing attack.

In multi-prong attacks, the attacker sends more than one e-mail to each recipient. The initial e-mail does usually not contain an active phishing link, as the objectives of this initial e-mail are to 1) confirm valid recipient e-mail addresses and 2) convince the recipients that the e-mail is from someone important at the University in order to inspire a response to subsequent e-mails. Subsequent e-mails may include phishing links or attachments containing malware.  

The subject of the e-mail is «Are you on campus?». If you received an e-mail like this, please delete it immediately without clicking on or responding to it.

Users who respond to this initial e-mail will receive subsequent communications from this spoofed e-mail address that include requests to purchase iTunes gift cards.