Research at IBW: Maybe Baby - Incivility at the intersection of gender and parenthood

Jamie Lee Gloor, lecturer and research associate in UZH's department of business administration (chair in Human Resource Management), attended the European Academy of Management annual conference last week in Paris. Out of approximately 1500 paper submissions, her paper was nominated as one of the "Most Inspirational" (i.e., inspiring new thought in management research). Out of 183 submissions to the Organisational Behaviour track, she also won "Best Paper."

The paper is titled, "Maybe Baby" in everyday employment: Incivility at the intersection of gender and parenthood." The paper is coauthored with Xinxin Li (NUS), Prof. Sandy Lim (NUS), and Dr. Anja Feierabend (UZH), and based on a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and swissuniversities' SUK Program 4 as part of the University of Zurich’s Action Plan Gender Equality 2013-16.

Congratulations to Gloor, Li, Lim, and Feierabend!