3 Questions to Alessandro Ferrari

Alessandro Ferrari joined our Faculty at the beginning of September 2020 as an Assistant Professor for Empirical Economics / Empirical Policy Analysis. He studied Economics at the European University Institute in Florence and received his doctorate in 2020. His research focuses on international macroeconomics, international trade and industrial organizations.

What do you focus on in your research?
Broadly speaking I focus on problems at the intersection between Macroeconomics, International Trade and Industrial Organization. More specifically, at the moment I am working on three broad issues: i) together with Francisco Queiros, I am working on a couple of problems related to firms’ behaviour, in particular production choices and market power, and its impact on the fragility of an economy; ii) with Ramon Marimon and Chima Simpson-Bell we are studying how to optimally design economic unions of countries, such as the European Union and the Eurozone; iii) with Matteo Escudé we are thinking about the inability of countries to commit to trade policy and its consequence of efficiency during critical times like the current pandemic.

What would you like to convey to your students?
I am very much looking forward to interacting with the students at UZH. I guess the one thing I would like to get across is that I work on many different things because I have very heterogeneous interests in economics, therefore I am always very open to hearing what they are thinking about. 

What were the decisive factors for you to join the University of Zurich?
I think the combination of the quality of the work that my colleagues are doing and the impression I got from my visit. On the job market my hope was that I would find a department filled with kind and smart people and I think at UZH I was lucky enough to find one.