3 Questions to Luis Aguiar

Luis Aguiar joined our Faculty at the beginning of August 2019 as Assistant Professor for Management of Digital Transformation. His primary research interests are in Economics of Digitization. In the introductory interview he explains his motivation to join the University of Zurich and what he would like to convey to his students.

What do you focus on in your research?

My main academic interests lie in the various effects of the digital transformation on firms, consumers, markets, and welfare. For instance, my research has evaluated the welfare benefits resulting from the introduction of new products, the effectiveness of online copyright enforcement policies in the movie industry, and the interaction between various music consumption modes and their implications. While a large share of my research focuses on the markets for entertainment and creative products, I am generally interested in the effects of digitization in various industries and contexts.

What would you like to convey to your students?

As a professor and instructor, my main objective is to teach students a structured and analytical way of thinking. On the specific topic of the digital transformation, this means providing them with important concepts and tools from management and economics in order to understand and be able to analyze the effects, challenges, and opportunities offered by the process of digitization.

What were the decisive factors for you to join the University of Zurich?

The University of Zurich offers an amazing environment for researchers interested in the topic of the digital transformation, and Zurich is a great city with a very high quality of life. Following the launch of the Digital Society Initiative, I believe that the University of Zurich will only strengthen its position as a hub for digitization in the years to come. I very much look forward to being part of it.