Submission of Petitions

Please always submit petitions in writing to the respective examination delegate at the address listed at the right. Please note that it may take up to four weeks to process your petition after submission.

Attention: Petitions regarding minor programs taken at other faculties must be addressed to the relevant office at the other faculty.

General petitions

The more precisely a petition is formulated, the more quickly it can be processed. For that reason, please always include at least the following information in your petition:

  • Sender and date
  • Student ID number
  • Degree program and study programs (e.g., Bachelor's degree program with Business Administration as a major and Economics as a minor study program)
  • Clear and concise justification
  • Any supporting documentation (doctor's note, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Original signature

Petition to cancel examination with doctor's note

If you cannot take an examination due to an illness or accident, you must submit your withdrawal with the form below and a doctor's note. The petition must be submitted to the Dean's Office no later than five business days after the examination date.

Petition to cancel examination with doctor's note (DOC, 98 KB)

Military service

Coordinating military service and studies

Information and policies concerning a petition for deferral of service (Dienstverschiebungsgesuch) can be found on the website of the Swiss Federal Department for Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (VBS).

VBS website, petition for deferral of service

Petition for deferral of service (Dienstverschiebungsgesuch)

Please complete and hand in your petition for deferral of service along with the notice of service at the Dean's Office counter. It will be examined and signed there. Additionally, please submit proof of you completing modules in the relevant semester (print-out of module booking overview).

Office hours of the Dean's Office

Students with disabilities

Students who wish to submit a petition for measures to assist them with their studies due to a disability or a chronic illness or the like must notify the UZH Disability Office well in advance of commencing their studies. Students must resubmit a claim for measures to assist them with their studies each semester.

Students with disabilities

Suspension of studies

In exceptional cases, assessment-level students may pursue extra-curricular activities (internships, language courses abroad, employment, humanitarian aid, etc.) during a short period of time.

Suspension of studies

Legal process

Every decision letter of the examination delegate includes instructions on the right to appeal, which give you information on the correct legal procedure including deadlines. Please note that petitions and appeals must always be made in German.